Our range of battery and allied products are catered to various needs in the following areas mentioned below: 
  • UPS Systems
  • Inverters
  • Alarm Systems
  • Emergency Lighting
  • Switchgear Operations
  • Solar Photovoltaic & Wind Power
  • Genset Starting
  • UPS For Banks & ATM Counters
  • Communication Networks.

Following are some of the special features of our products:

  •   Long Service life 
  •   Tubular Positive Plates 
  •   Dry Charged battery
  •   Ceramic vent plugs with sealed float 
  •   wide operation HM range 
  •   No Acid fumes, Eco-Friendly 
  •   Reduced Topping Up Frequency 
  •   Low Maintenance
  •   Low Self Discharge.

Superior quality is the primary concern at our organization. We adhere to stringent quality measures at every level of our production process to ensure premier quality. The finished range is properly inspected for their performance and quality in order to ensure the supply of only excellent products to the market. 

At Manas Enterprises, we have two production units that are installed with the latest modern technology and facilities in order to ensure our range with utmost precision. Our manufacturing facilities are conducted by our skilled workforce having vast experience in their relative areas. We have a capacious warehouse in order to store our range in bulk. Proper storage in a labeled manner ensures in easy retrieval and further delivering the goods well on time.

Our Quality Policy

The competitive edge of our company lies in its flawless quality and boundless innovations. We use multidimensional thinking and look around the globe for improved equipment and inspiration, which allows us to follow the world best standards and apply Value Engineering in every aspect in production.

We have our strong roots in Research and Development, fortified by handpicked team of the finest talent. A team constantly keeps pushing the walls of technology with the tools of knowledge, state of the art machineries and the very best designing facilities. Something you can find whenever our technicians come up with solutions and improvements you didn't anticipate.

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